I know it's generally considered cool to trash whatever horror movies were popular / well-reviewed a few years back, but I still hold a rather strong affection for Danny Boyle's hardcore horror/sci-fi flick 28 Days Later. And that means that I'm cautiously optimistic (and a little bit psyched) for next year's sequel, the somewhat cleverly-titled 28 Weeks Later. Those who share my enthusiasm for this project will undoubtedly want to venture over to the official Fox Atomic site and check out the "work-in-progress" trailer that the studio is sharing with us. Based on what's in the clip (in addition to what I saw during a set visit), the sequel looks to be pretty darn nasty. And I mean nasty in an ironic way -- like "dope" or "phat."

28 Weeks Later
stars Robert Carlyle, Catherine McCormack, Jeremy Renner and Harold Perrineau, is directed by Intacto helmer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and has as its producers the original 28 team of Boyle, Macdonald and Garland. The flick doesn't open until next May, but hey, it's always nice when we have a few new horror flicks out there on the horizon. Even if they're sequels.
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