Try as we might, we just can't shake those pesky Batman Vs. Superman rumors. News on the street (and by "street" I mean "Caffeinated Clint at Movie Hole") is currently suggesting the desire for such a film was part of the motivation behind Warner Brothers offering Bryan Singer another go-around with the Man of Steel despite their obvious dissatisfaction with his first performance. Warner has been angling hard at a versus movie for the two titans for a number of years now, and the recent successful relaunch of the Batman franchise with Begins certainly had to encourage them. When the Superman hype machine geared up and everyone expected it to be even bigger than Batman, Warner had to be simply salivating over the possibilities. Superman may not have blown the doors off the box office, but it certainly didn't flop, and so Warner isn't willing to give up yet.

It hasn't escaped my notice that most of the geek world seems excited by this possibility. I'm not sure why, but I can't quite share in the enthusiasm. Sure, the characters occupy the same world and have obviously encountered each other thousands upon thousands of times in the comic book world, but I have trouble picturing Brandon Routh and Christian Bale side by side in the same superhero flick ... maybe I'm just scared Bale would upstage Routh to an uncomfortably embarrassing degree. But I'm willing to be persuaded, so comments are very welcome.
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