If, like me, you're a Comcast subscriber who is also a pathetically ravenous and insatiable horror geek, then you've probably already caught wind of FearNet. It's not a typical cable station, but an on-demand service that promises to deliver tons of terrific terror in three distinct ways: on your television, on your cell phone and on your internet browser. (No kidding! You can click over to the website and watch free movies like 976-EVIL, Mindwarp and the original 13 Ghosts! Hey, they're free!)

Over on the cable box side of the equation, FearNet's inaugural batch of blood blisters includes titles like Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Pumpkinhead, Warlock and the original Japanese versions of The Grudge and its sequel. As far as the cell phone deliveries go, you'll have to click through the homesite to find out the process, because my cell phone is barely capable of sending and receiving phone calls, let alone feeding me all 103 minutes of Steve Miner's Warlock.

As for the FearNet website, it's actually quite a lot of fun. You can join the forums, of course, but there's also a very nifty horror movie database called The Web of Fear, which you can help "tag" to your dismembered heart's delight. There's also a decent dosage of news, reviews and features (some of which, yes, I'll be writing) for the insatiable terror trolls to traipse through (in addition to some colorful little toys and treats), so if The Dark Genre is your thing, give FearNet a click and poke around. (Fair warning: It's a high-bandwidth site, so you dial-uppers might be in for some trouble.) Plus, if you're already a Comcast digital subscriber then you already have access to the current FearNet offerings. So go watch Carrie again. It's worth it.
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