Geek news I found while my wife was giving candy to children dressed as M&Ms:

  • Superhero Hype tells of an amusing X-Men reference in the current CGI flick Flushed Away. Hugh Jackman voices a mouse named Roddy who spends a brief period of time entertaining the possibility of a Wolverine costume. I imagine it is funny, but I doubt I'll ever see it.
  • Toon Zone shares details of the direct-to-DVD Iron Man animated flick. Yours truly loves nearly every Marvel comic in animated form, so I will be seeing this one.
  • Remember that Flickr site with all the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer flick? Guess what? Right! It has been updated yet again!
  • While we are on the Marvel kick, Mark Steven Johnson has released yet another Ghost Ridervideo blog. I'll admit to not even watching this one. If you do, and hear anything interesting, please share.
  • Latino Review does what they do best, and offer up a script review for the movie treatment of graphic novel Priest.
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