While there seems to be a complete lack of consensus regarding the possibility of a fourth movie in the X-Men franchise, Hugh Jackman knows where the real action is -- spin-off flicks. While debate continues on about the value of the third X-Men film, nearly everyone seems to agree a solo Wolverinevehicle would be a hot ticket. Jackman spent some time talking with IGN about the upcoming project, indicating his desire to make it a good stand-alone feature, and not simply a watered down X-Men 4. Jackman also said he still hopes to pull off a Spring 2008 release, but would be perfectly content with some summer action as well, and he hopes to have a director on-line within a month.

Why is the movie going public so keen on the idea of a Wolverine flick? The answer is rather simple: If I were to ask you which of the team members from the three X-Men flicks (disregarding Professor X) you were most impressed with, the vast majority of you would answer Wolverine. Not only is Wolverine a consistently strong and popular character in the comic books, Jackman really nailed the character as an actor. And anyway, Wolvy has his own comic book title, so why not his own movie title, right?
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