Either someone drugged him or Luke Wilson is looking to get "in tight" (if you know what I mean) with Jessica Simpson, because the actor has reportedly joined the cast of Blonde Ambition, a "loose remake" of the 1988 film Working Girl. Yeah, so I guess when they decide to remake a fantastic movie with a horrific actress in the starring role, the safe terminology from here on out will be "loose remake." However, fact is the only thing loose about it is, well ... let's continue, shall we?

According to producer Justin Berfield, Blonde Ambition (wait, wasn't that what Madonna named one of her tours?) will indeed be Simpson's next film, and production is supposed to begin as early as November 27 in Shrevport, Louisiana. This will also mark Simpson's first leading role in a film, and she'll have pretty big shoes to fill seeing as Melanie Griffith scooped up an Oscar nomination for playing the same character. Oh, and if you think this thing can't get any worse, Andy Dick (who co-starred alongside Simpson in Employee of the Month) is in negotiations to play an "evil" secretary. (Man, what's next -- Rob Schneider signing on to play himself?) Story revolves around one woman's journey from the bottom to the top of a corporate empire. They're currently eying a summer release.

Sorry, but I have to ask: Does anyone think this will be any good?

[via Coming Soon]

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