Still recovering from a mega-awesome Halloween, are we? Well get with it, because all entries for Cinematical's Second Annual Halloween Costume Contest are due no later than 11:59PM EST today. That's right, we don't care how hungover you are or why that damn computer of yours doesn't want to upload pics -- if your costume entries are not in our hands by 11:59PM EST tonight, you will not be eligible for the unbelievable prizes we're giving away.

Prizes? What prizes? Wait, you guys are hosting a Halloween contest? Why yes, yes we are. All Halloween costumes must be inspired by a film, filmmaker, actor, director, etc ... and our grand prize winner (who will be chosen by our imaginary group of fabulous interns) will be awarded with 13 horror DVDs hand-picked by the Cinematical staff. Some of the flicks included are Shaun of the Dead, The Changeling, Young Frankenstein, The Thing and Silent Night, Deadly Night (Parts One and Two). Oh, and you'll also be sent a highly-fashionable Cinematical t-shirt. And since we also want to throw some love towards the losers, two runner-ups will also win t-shirts. Beat that Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!

Once again, all Halloween costume entries are due no later than 11:59PM EST tonight. For the official rules and a full list of prizes, check out our contest announcement or just click on that enormous banner at the right of your screen.

Oh, and good luck!

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