Immensely talented writer/director Gary Ross, who brought us the magical Pleasantville and the Oscar-nominated Seabiscuit is finally beginning to line up his next few projects. According to Variety, Ross, who took a three-year absence from the director's chair while he penned the scrips for the animated The Tale of Despereaux andthe remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon, is getting back to directing with the new films Vegas 55 and an adaptation of Neal Shusterman's supernatural novel Everlost.

This time around, Ross will not be writing his projects as he did with Pleasantville and Seabuscuit. Instead, Shusterman will be adapting his own novel, which tells the story of teenagers Nick and Allie who, after being in a car accident, are transported to a shadow world called Neverlost populated by people (good and bad) from different historical periods. Vegas 55, based on a magazine article by Charles Fleming about the first integrated casino in Las Vegas, will be written by Kevin Brodbin -- who recently scripted the comic-book adaptation Constantine starring Keanu Reeves and the super-cute Rachel Weisz.

Universal acquired the rights to Shusterman's novel for Ross and partners Allison Thomas and Naketha Mattocks to produce under their Larger than Life Productions banner. No word yet on a start date for either of these films or any potential casting. However, as Tobey Maguire is probably a little too old now to play a teenager (he is 31 you know) in Neverlost, it's more likely that if he and Ross are going to get together for a third time, after Pleasantville and Seabiscuit, it will have to be in Vegas 55. I can see it now: Tobey Maguire and his Pleasantville co-star Reese Witherspoon reunited (this time in color!) to tell the story of the first integrated Vegas casino. That film could prove interesting indeed.

What do you guys think? Time for a Ross-Maguire-Witherspoon rematch?
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