Before I share this news with you, I feel I should admit up front that I don't really get the Shrek franchise. Okay, it was kinda clever, and it made me chuckle a few times, but it certainly didn't blow me away. So if my lack of enthusiasm for the following news is obvious, that is probably why. Nonetheless, I do continue to applaud the existence of successful "family" oriented flicks. Even if I don't get some of them, I'm glad they exist.

Two bits of Shrek related news came out of the third quarter 2006 earnings report from DreamWorks. First, Shrek 4 is definitely still on the way, but it'll take awhile before we see it -- summer of 2010 is the current target. Yes, this means most of the original child audience for the Shrek line will have grown significantly, but hey, the film obviously appeals to far more than just children. And I can always hope the new generation will have moved on to other fads and Shrek 4 will be the last of the franchise, right? Wrong. After Shrek 4 we get the Puss in Boots movie, which is no longer expected to be a DVD release between Shrek 3 and Shrek 4, but rather a theatric release sometime after Shrek 4. Of course, all these plans are subject to change dependent on the success of the third Shrek film next year, which already seems to be trying to commit suicide by casting Justin Timberlake.