As Cinematical's own Erik Davis posted here back in July, the classic anime Speed Racer is being adapted into a live action feature film by the Wachowski Brothers, the siblings behind The Matrix Trilogy and V for Vendetta, though I'd just as soon forget the latter. This is the duo's first directing job since The Matrix films, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, they're bringing some friends from the old neighborhood to the party. Rejoining them will be Executive Producer Grant Hill whose other credits includeCutthroat Island, The Ghost and the Darkness, and Titanic. Also on the Speed Racer payroll will be Academy Award-winning visual effects supervisor John Gaeta, who also worked on Eraser and Judge Dredd. The film is to be produced by Joel Silver, with shooting to take place in Summer of 2007 for a Summer 2008 release.

Now, while I'm not a fan of Tatsuo Yoshida's original cartoon, it is a cult/pop culture landmark, and I'm curious to see the Wachowski's take on the project. Will that annoying monkey still be in the story? What about the classic Speed Racer theme song, which was covered quite effectively by Sponge on the Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits CD several years ago? And what about Vince Vaughn (who originally sold the Speed Racer pitch back in 2004)? There was talk at one point of him appearing as the mysterious Racer X. For answers to these questions and many more, stay tuned to this very blog.

But please, let them get rid of the monkey.

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