First there was Wes Craven'sThe Hills Have Eyes. And it was good. And then came The Hills Have Eyes Part 2. And it was, by just about every conceivable measure ... not so good. (Like, at all.) Just over two decades later came Alex Aja's rendition of The Hills Have Eyes. And (if it's me you're asking) it was also quite good. So don't act all shocked when you learn that there's a new sequel -- and based on this new teaser clip (and the stuff I saw while on the set), The Hills Have Eyes 2 also looks pretty darn good. Obviously we won't know for sure until the flick hits theaters next March, but hey, we horror geeks are as perpetually optimistic as we are intolerant of crap. So fingers crossed on Hills 2, which was directed by Grimm Love helmer Martin Weisz and stars the likes of Derek Mears, Michael Bailey Smith, Mike McMillian, Jacob Vargas, Jessica Stroup and Daniella Alonso -- both of whom are all sorts of gorgeous.

The sequel's plot centers on a group of National Guard neophytes who trek out into the desert -- only to find a whole bunch of ridiculously and ravenously brutal mutant-type monster-folks inhabiting the area. The "workprint" teaser material does a fine job of whetting a gorehound's appetite, to be sure, but I saw some make-up FX and subterranean gore-splatters that are not included in this footage -- and suffice to say they were pretty darn wild. The Hills Have Eyes 2 opens on March 2nd, and here's some extra good news: The screenplay was written by original Hill-master Wes Craven and his son Jonathan. So at least you know it comes from folks who have a vested interest in keeping the series strong.

Then again, Mr. Craven also wrote and directed that otherHills sequel -- although I seriously doubt he considers it one of his finest works.
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