We all have our guilty pleasures. At Cinematical we even bravely expose them to our readers. Sometimes they involve movies we just have an inexplicable affection for. Other times, it's the old case of a movie being so bad its good (read: funny). But rarely does a writer present a guilty pleasure so directly and with such clear evidence that I go out and give that movie a second viewing. And yet, I've received more than enough cause to re-watch Dungeons and Dragons, the role-playing game adaptation from director Courtney Solomon, thanks to a piece by Richard Pilbeam. Pilbeam has offered "64 Reasons to Watch Dungeons and Dragons" on his site Frying Bear, and every one of the reasons is good enough on it's own. He cites specific parts of the movie (including hilarious scene captures of Jeremy Irons), special features from the DVD (including the 2 audio commentaries featuring Solomon), the "making of" book and random facts about the production. Now, I've never played D&D, so I can't say that I appreciate all of the ways in which to laugh at the movie, and I can only imagine how much funnier it is to true geeks out there (our own Mark Beall, perhaps?). The only thing better than Pilbeam's list to enhance Dungeons and Dragons would be a commentary from the MST3K guys (this way or that way). ...

[via Fark.com]

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