For those who have been itching to catch a glimpse of the most expensive comedy of all time (potentially), AOL has snagged the first official trailer for next summer's Evan Almighty. Can I get an Amen on that! Pic, a sequel to 2003's blockbuster hit Bruce Almighty, stars Steve Carell (Evan Baxter) and Morgan Freeman (God) who are both returning for a second go-round.

This time, the story focuses on Evan, a TV anchorman-turned-Congressman who receives a visit from God and is placed in charge of building a very large ark in preparation for a great flood. Thus, Evan begins to grow a beard (which is impossible to shave off) and life gets that much weirder. I have to admit, after watching the trailer I'm less than impressed. They're reportedly throwing $250 million at this thing, and the best they can do is a whiny, embarrassed Carell surrounded by animals? Look, I loved the guy in Little Miss Sunshine and The Office, but I'm afraid his comedic range is a bit limited. Perhaps you'll see what I mean after checking out the trailer, or maybe you'll just think I'm losing my mind. Either way, do stop back here and let us know your opinion.