Greetings Insert Captioners (or as I like to call you, "my friends"), welcome to another exciting round. Apologies for a week idle, I was actually overseas, scouring the globe for the most exquisite movie photo this world has to offer. Instead I returned with a few boxes of a highly exotic dessert called "Turkish delight," which I believe originally comes from the World of Narnia.

No worries, though, we've got a great new pic for you. We've also got a winner from our last Insert Caption contest, for 'Marie Antoinette.' We're gonna have to go ahead and congratulate lilzil925. Someone must've tipped you off that quoting 'Office Space' automatically wins you massive props from Moviefone. Here's lilzil's winning caption:

Marie Antoinette movie

"Damn it feels good to be a gangsta."
-- lilzil925

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Now onto the new ... the fine folks at Universal are not only debuting the trailer for next summer's sure-to-be-a-hit comedy 'Evan Almighty' with us (watch it here), they've also given us this exclusive photo for your captioning prowess. Scene-stealer-turned-top dog Steve Carell takes the reins from Jim Carrey for the sequel to 'Bruce Almighty.' We're thinking it's going to be hilarious, divine even. Kinda like your caption. Good luck!

Evan Almighty movie

"Introducing the world's most effective, fast-acting Q-tips." --MoviefoneKevin

GET IT: Watch the exclusive trailer for 'Evan Almighty'

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