Oh, lordy. There are just so many jokes that could be made about this, I almost don't know where to start. Raise your hand if you've seen the film Strike Force, aka The Librarians (tagline: No Mission is Too Impossible!), about a team of badass vigilantes-for-hire who rescue kidnapped ("overdue" -- get it?) people. In the film, the role of "Republican Fairchild" (snicker) is played by none other than beleagured Congressman/Page Playa Mark Foley, who was the Congressman in the district where the film was shot (he donated his $400 fee). Foley plays a congressman who hires the vigilantes -- led by William Forsythe -- to rescue his kidnapped daughter. The film even has a cameo by Burt Reynolds! This film sounds so bad, it's just got to be somebody's guilty pleasure.

My favorite bit from the article on Radar revealing Foley's role in the film is this quote from one of the film's producers: "Of course, it was supposed to be his own daughter," he notes. "It wasn't like it was a congressional page who was kidnapped or anything." There's just nothing I can add to top that.

Radar added the clip from the film that features Foley just today, so go see it -- quick! -- before someone's lawyer makes them take it down.