Back when I was in college, there was a brief period (about six months or so) where I suddenly found myself wrapped up in New York City's club scene. Don't ask me why (peer pressure) or how (peer pressure) this happened, but it's safe to say I managed to survive without permanently melting my brain. Since then, I've always found myself somewhat curious every time Hollywood attempts to re-create the club scene. Are they accurate? To date, I have yet to watch a film that correctly captures the essence and mood of a bumpin' (slang for really good) club, packed full of intoxicated teenagers all grooving to music as if it's taken over their every movement.

2004's It's All Gone Pete Tong came pretty close, as did 2000's Groove, however it always feels as if something is missing. Is it the acting? Is it because the filmmakers themselves have never experienced a week full of all-night clubbing? Not sure. But until a film comes along that accurately depicts the scene, most people will have to stick by their pre-conceived notions of these clubs being full of glow-sticks, ecstasy pills and not much else. With that said, Jesse Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die) has signed on to star in Loaded, where he'll play your typical rich club kid whose life spirals out of control once he's introduced to a world full of drugs, sex and violence. Also starring in the pic are Nathalie Kelley, Monica Keena, Johnny Messner, Vinnie Jones and hip hop performer Kurupt.

Will Loaded finally get right what so many previous films got wrong? Probably not -- I mean, this is Hollywood and they're going to throw as much conflict at this sucker as possible making it so the club is the villain, and not the individual. So, this question goes out to all you former (or current) club kids: Have you ever watched a film that accurately captures the clubbing experience?

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