A scooper who goes by the dubious handle "Kentucky Redneck" sent a rather interesting email in to the folks over at Moviehole. Redneck had a good bit to say about the progress on the remake of Revenge of the Nerds (which just recently finished casting); following are the basic thoughts he shared:
  • Nerds is now officially on hiatus, and nobody really knows when it will pick up again. After ten days of waiting, everybody involved was sent home.
  • Kyle Newman (the director who put together Fanboys) managed to shoot for one whole week before everything stopped. Newman is certainly unhappy, but what can a somewhat rookie director do about it?
  • The studio and Newman himself are rather unhappy with the location in Atlanta. Apparently, the executive producer had just finished up another film there and pushed hard for the big A. If Nerds manages to get back on track, expect it to be somewhere else.
  • Rumors also suggest director Kyle Newman may be getting sacked. No surprise there -- when a film stoppage occurs rumors like this will always pop up.

Like most geeks, I've got strong hopes for Kyle Newman because of his Fanboysproject. Maybe somebody should tell him losing this gig might not be a terrible idea.

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