When I reported about this film earlier, it looked like Oscar winner Charlize Theron was a lock to star in it. Soon after, it appeared she was jumping ship to board another film which would be her next project. The question of Theron's participation in Battle in Seattle may or may not be solved at the moment, but that hasn't stopped writer/director Stuart Townsend from continuing to assemble an impressive roster of established and up-and-coming actors for his directorial debut.

According to production weekly, super-hot Michelle Rodriguez, Jennifer Carpenter, Channing Tatum and Tzi Ma have now joined the cast of Battle in Seattle which already includes Woody Harrelson, Martin Henderson, Ray Liotta -- and, most likely, Townsend's fianceé, Charlize Theron. The documentary-style film tells the intertwining stories of dozens of characters who attended the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle. During the meeting, protesters marched and campaigned so vehemently that the event eventually had to be halted. Between 40,000 and 60,000 people were involved in the protests. If Theron does end up appearing in the film (and let's face it, she probably will -- she does like the guy after all), Theron is expected to play a pregnant bystander named Lou who gets caught up in the protests and provides some perspective for the participants and the audience.

To be fair,I can't say for sure if I'm that into the storyline of this film, but it does sound at least interesting. It also sounds quite complicated to film and I just hope fledgling director Townsend is up to the task. But with the cast that Townsend is assembling, there might just be something to this film. In the end, much of the success of a film is determined by who's in it. If that holds true for Battle in Seattle, Townsend might just have a hit on his hands right out of the gate. All he has to do is try not to get in the way too much and let his cast do their work. Battle in Seattle is scheduled to start shooting next week in Vancouver -- and, of course, Seattle.

What do you think? Does this film have a chance?
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