Not long ago, we brought you the very first pics from Jerry Seinfeld's upcoming Bee Movie, a CGI animated flick co-written, produced by and starring Jerry Seinfeld. Well, AOL has your first look at Bee Movie's trailer and -- how do I say this -- there are no actual shots from the movie included within. Instead, we're presented with a live-action preview of sorts, which features Seinfeld and Chris Rock dressed up in ridiculous animal outfits on set while preparing to shoot a scene.

To me, the trailer felt more like a short film -- but regardless, it's pretty funny stuff. As Seinfeld (dressed in full bee attire) makes his way toward a mocked-up car windshield (in which a bunch of other actors in costume bumble around waiting for shooting to commence), one behind-the-scenes dude whispers to another, "This is what he picks to follow the TV series?" Hilarious stuff, indeed. I take it since a lot of the animation still isn't finished, this is the way they're going to go about promoting the film ... for now. It's definitely a unique way to market an animated feature, but for those folks who have no idea what this movie is about, they will probably be left utterly confused. Is this real? Is this some crummy commercial? Why is Seinfeld dressed up as a big doofy bee?

The best part of the entire thing is that, as far as IMDB is concerned, Chris Rock isn't even in the freaking movie. Ha, I love it! What a way to screw with people. Judging from the trailer's finale, we'll most likely see more of these in the future. And I wonder, will they actually throw together a real trailer at some point? Man, for the sake of their audience, I sure hope so.