You know that Tobin Bell guy from the Sawmovies? Yeah, what a cut-up. No, not like that; I mean he's funny, or at least I hope he is, because he's starring in a supernatural comedy called Buried Alive. While premature interment may not sound like a barrel of laughs, Bell thinks otherwise."Partly, it's a very funny film in a certain way," he said in an interview. "Buried Alive is a little scary, but also a comedy at the same time." The movie, which is currently shooting, will be directed by Robert Kurtzman, who directed Wishmaster, wrote the screenplay for From Dusk Till Dawn and served as an effects artist on films as far ranging as Vanilla Sky, Bubba Ho-Tep, and Predator. Joining Bell in the cast will be Steve Sandvoss, Terence Jay, Erin Lokitz and Leah Rachel.

"In Buried Alive, I play a guy who is a groundskeeper, a Vietnam-veteran groundskeeper, at a lodge," says Bell. "And these college students come to this lodge. The lodge is owned by the father of one of the college students. This guy lives in a trailer in the property. He's a Vietnam veteran, kind of an odd fellow, kind of like a housepainter." Bell as an unhinged Vietnam vet? I can see that working.

While packing a visceral kick, the title Buried Alive doesn't win points for originality. The IMDB lists ten films by that name, most notably in my mind one truly nasty Italian gore flick from 1979, known in its native language as Buio Omega. No laughs to be had in that flick; take my word for it. But what's in a name? With Buried Alive shooting for a Halloween 2007 release, and with Saw IVpresumably releasing around that same time, it looks like Bell's association with Halloween might one day rival Jimmy Stewart and It's a Wonderful Life's hold on Christmas.
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