Usually with a sequel the big question is: Will it live up to the original? Then there are sequels that probably shouldn't have been made in the first place -- like, for instance, the sequel to National Lampoon's Van Wilder. They had to make the sequel though, because, you know, there were just so many unanswered questions from the first film. has the first look at the one sheet for the sequel, titled Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj. The film picks up where we left off with Taj, (Kal Penn) the sidekick to Ryan Reynolds smarmy party-boy Van Wilder -- who is, sadly, not returning for the sequel. The film follows Taj to Cambridge as he brings the "wisdom" of Van Wilder to what I'm pretty sure will be your usual array of stock uptight Brits. Penn seems to be on a role with sequels lately since he has also just officially signed to star in Harold and Kumar 2.

We can all recognize a cash grab when we see one, so you don't have to wonder why a sequel gets made to a movie that was at best, a guilty pleasure. Most unneeded sequels end up in the "straight to DVD" category -- we're talking about you, Butterfly Effect 2 -- but this one actually has a release date of December 1 (Quick! Go mark it on your calendar!)

I'm sure we all can think of a few totally unnecessary sequels that somehow got the greenlight. What are some of the worst sequels you can think of? And just how bad do you think the Van Wilder sequel will turn out to be?
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