Say what you want about Ocean's Twelve, but you have to admit that Vincent Cassel almost managed to "out-suave" Danny Ocean and the gang as the French thief Toulour in the 2004 film. Cassel is set to star in a two-part film based on the notorious French gangster Jacques Mesrines. Jean-Francois Richet will direct the films, titled Death Instinct and Public Enemy No. 1. Variety reports that Pathe films has picked up both productions for French distribution and international sales.

Jacques Mesrines was one of the most infamous criminals in French history; Mesrines started with hotel robberies, but by the end of his criminal career he claimed to have murdered almost 40 people -- including a journalist that he felt had been writing slanderous articles about him. Mesrines became something of a cult hero in France; he eluded capture numerous times and even managed to escape from prison. Mesrines would grant interviews with newspapers to try to convince the public his crimes were politically motivated, but there was never any proof that Mesrines was interested in anything other than his own publicity. Even his death in a shoot-out with the French police sparked conspiracy theories that it was a political assassination.

Death Instinct and Public Enemy No. 1 will begin shooting on location in France this May. Crime has always been great source material for a movie -- we all love to watch the criminal do the things we shouldn't -- and it also doesn't hurt to throw in glamorous locales and a handsome leading man too.