The image I don't know when the last time Michael Winterbottom took a vacation was, but considering the pace with which he's been putting out movies lately, it couldn't have been a long one. Currently he's directing Angelina Jolie in A Mighty Heart, and now he's got his next project all lined up to begin shooting in the spring. The film is called Genova, and it will star Colin Firth as a widowed man haunted by ghosts of his past while moving to Italy with his teen daughters.

Now, considering I'll watch anything Winterbottom does (I just hope he doesn't do any more semi-pornographic films) and I'll also watch anything Firth is in (yes, even What a Girl Wants), I guess I'll technically need to see this film twice. Not that I'll mind. I'm actually pretty excited to see how Winterbottom handles the contemporary ghost story genre, especially if he shoots it in his usual hand-held-plus-improv style, which could give it a fittingly uneasy tone.

How this news affects the IMDb-listed Winterbottom project Murder in Samarkand is unknown, though I wouldn't put it past the director to do them both next year, maybe back to back. He could just abandon or pass on the film, which will be based on Craig Murray's memoir "Murder in Samarkand: A British Ambassador's Controversial Defiance of of Tyranny in the War on Terror," considering it might too closely link itself, Heart and the brilliant The Road to Guantanamo as some sort of terror-torture trilogy (sounds catchy, but also sounds like the Saw films). If he does go forward and make it after Genova, let's hope the film maker is then ready for another comedy.
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