I just now realized that it wasn't all a dream: I really did interview a bunch of sheep a few months back. What a strange thing to do. But hey, it was all in support of a very entertaining little horror/comedy called Black Sheep, which hails from New Zealand and focuses on the activities of SEVERAL mutated killer sheep -- were-sheep! -- and the people they eat.

Back at Toronto we expected the flick to get snatched up right quick, but the back-room machinations took longer than previously anticipated. And now some good news: The movie will be hitting theaters (thanks to IFC) and DVD (courtesy of Los Weinsteins) relatively soon. That's right: We don't have release dates just yet, but they're the next logical step after a distribution deal is inked. Hopefully we won't have a Feast-style delay on this one.

I'd been hoping for a Lionsgate logo to grace this particular flick, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, LG dropped out of the bidding not too long ago. Ah well. Here's hoping writer/director Jonathan King got a decent price for his ovine-laden monster movie. He's a really nice guy.