Since the last futuristic flick with Ewan McGregor I saw was The Island, you'll have to forgive me if I have some trouble raising the proper enthusiasm for this one: Variety has announced that McGregor has now officially signed to star in the futuristic drama Franklyn. The film is the brainchild of first time director Gerald McMorrow. No other casting announcements have been made, but Double Negative F/X, who have worked on Batman Begins and World Trade Center, have been hired for visual effects. So far, McMorrow has only directed a handful of music videos but has dabbled with sci-fi in the past with his short Thespian Xsnagging him a TCM Classic Shorts prize in 2002. The film would parallel story lines of present day London with a futuristic theocracy, including a tragic event that creates consequences in both the present and the future.

Ewan McGregor has always been one of those actors whose easy charm on screen has helped him through some great and some not-so great parts. So, for every Renton, there was an Obi-Wan. Although to be fair, he can hardly be blamed for the nightmare that was The Phantom Menace. For the sake of Franklyn though, I hope that charm of his will be in full effect.

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