Geek news I found while listening to an old Jerry Juhl interview:

  • Soundtrack dot net has the third and final part of their interview with amazing composer Hans Zimmer. It is about his work on the new Batmanfilm, of course, among many other things. This man is everywhere.
  • Speaking of interviews with composers in the DC universe, CBR has a piece with Superman Returns: The Video Game composer Colin O'Malley. It is in video form, so you don't even have to know how to read!
  • South Korean film-makers are apparently turning La Transperceneige (a French graphic novel) into an English movie. Yeah, I don't quite get it either. Anyone out there read La Transperceneige?
  • Lions Gate has some sort of trailer for the extended cut Punisher DVD. Yes, I'm looking forward to this release. Don't laugh -- tens of other people agree with me.
  • Hugh Jackman has more to say about the future of the X-Men film franchise, and he said it to Jo Blo. He discusses the popular rumors of a younger team of X-Men. Yours truly would love a New Mutants or Gen X film. ...
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