Generally when I write about non-geek news, it is because something specific from the story has caught my eye. Let me tell you about today's news, and then I'll explain why it jumped out at me. Actor turned director John Stockwell has been tapped to direct a high budget thriller for 2929 Productions, with work starting early next year. No major casting decisions seem to have been made yet, but you can see a look at everyone involved thus far over at Hollywood Reporter.

What made me chuckle about this news, and the reason I chose to run with it, was the plot description I stumbled across while casting about on the internet trying to learn something about this flick to share with you. ComingSoon summarizes the movie as "a forest-fire spotter with a secret is visited by his crazy brother in the remote, frozen wilderness of the Pacific Northwest." Tell me you read that description with a straight face and didn't feel a giggle cracking through. What sort of secrets does a forest-fire spotter keep, anyway? I'm sure he killed somebody or something, but in my mind, he cheated at Connect Four as a child. His brother, who could thus never win, was driven to madness thanks to his low self esteem.

I think we should summarize other movies this way, as well. Star Wars could be "a teen from a backwater country falls in love with his own sister and fights to redeem his father from a life of genocide and artificial respiration."

Your turn. Give me your best wacky, one line summary of a flick you love.
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