When you think about independent filmmakers out there doing their own thing, one name has to come to mind: Spike Lee. From his first film She's Gotta Have It (way back in 1986) through Do the Right Thing, 25th Hourand up to his recent Inside Man, Lee has demonstrated his impressive skills. When you watch a Spike Lee Joint you know you're in for an innovative and interesting experience. That's what makes him such a virtuoso filmmaker -- he tries to do something unique with each of his films -- unlike most of the cookie-cutter product coming out of mainstream Hollywood these days.

Unfortunately, commercial success has, for the most part, eluded Lee -- up until recently with Inside Man. It was Lee's most successful film to date, earning over $180 Million worldwide. Plus, it was an extremely well-done bank heist thriller that featured standout performances by Clive Owen, Jodie Foster and Lee regular Denzel Washington. Now, according to Variety, Lee is "doing the right thing" and returning to familiar and successful ground for a sequel to Inside Man that he is developing with Imagine Entertainment and Brian Grazer. At the moment, things appear to only be in the development stages. But in true Lee style, he's already begun working on a script for the film with his Inside Man co-writer Russell Gewritz.

It's great to see a filmmaker with Lee's passion for storytelling and obvious talent finally getting the big-screen success and support he deserves. I might not always love his films, or agree with his politics, but at least he's never boring. Which is more than I can say for many other "directors" working today. No word yet on the return of any stars from the first film, a start date or other casting.

Anyone else out there a Spike Lee fan?
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