The controversy just won't stop swirling around documentary Jesus Camp, about children attending an Evangelical Christian camp. Just last week, we reported that Pastor Becky Fisher, who ran the Kids on Fire Christian Camp featured in the film, had shut the camp down after attacks of vandalism in the wake of the film's release. Yesterday came the more shocking news that Pastor Ted Haggard, president of the 30,000,000 strong National Association of Evangelicals, had placed himself on administrative leave from his church and stepped down from his position as president of the Association, in the aftermath of a stories on Denver talk radio and in the Denver Post that alleged the good pastor -- who has openly spoken out against homosexuals -- had been caught buying meth from a gay escort.

Haggard, who had recently attempted to distance himself from Jesus Camp (see the filmmakers' response to Haggard), at first vehemently denied the accusations made by Mike Jones of Denver in interviews on Denver talk radio and to the Denver post that he had had monthly sex with Haggard, who is married with five children, over a course of three years, and that Haggard used meth during their encounters. Just yesterday, Haggard's coworkers at his New Life Church were supporting him and declaring Jones' accusations to be patently untrue. Today, though, Haggard admitted to reporters that he had contacted Jones about purchasing meth, and that it is, in fact, his voice on the voice mail tapes that Jones had produced as evidence, but denied using the meth (see video of Haggard admitting to some of the allegations).

An email sent out by acting pastor of New Life Ross Parsley, printed in the Denver Post today, said in part, "the board of overseers has met with Pastor Ted. It is important for you to know that he confessed to the overseers that some of the accusations against him are true."

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