It is pretty amazing how well-received Borat is with the critics. At Rotten Tomatoes, it has a rating of 95-percent in its favor, with the "cream of the crop" critics unanimous at 100-percent. One of the few people to offer a negative review (in part, anyway) is Netscape's Karina Longworth. In her latest "Netscape @ the Movies" video, she says,"as comedy and social commentary Borat fails more than it succeeds," and claims that, "if you live in the world, you've seen 75-percent of this movie." But she also states that the remaining 25-percent is, "totally worth the price of admission," and, "the winning stuff really is worth seeing."

Examining the purpose of such a film, the source of its humor, the validity of its satire, the questions regarding scripted scenes and the defense of its marks, Karina offers an insightful review of the highly-anticipated comedy. Of course, her problems with it havn't altered my immense excitement about seeing the film this weekend. How about yours?

Check out the video here, or download it over at Netscape.

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