I've been a fan of Jason Patric since Kiefer Sutherland asked him the fateful question "Maggots -- you're eating maggots, Michael. How do they taste?" I'll leave it up to you to figure out what movie that's from. In the meantime, Patric continued his post-maggot career with appearances in some good films like Your Friends and Neighbors and Narc and some not-so-good ones like Frankenstein: Unbound and Speed 2: Cruise Control -- which not only sunk at the box office but also almost sunk the careers of Patric and co-star Sandra Bullock.

Patric has come a long way over the years and seems to be choosing better and better roles, especially post-Narc. And now, according to production weekly, he's got another one that looks very promising -- playing alongside Tommy Lee Jones and Charlize Theron in Paul Haggis' film In the Valley of Elah (which we coveredbefore). Haggis is adapting the screenplay from a Mark Boal article and will direct the story of a soldier's father (played by Jones) who rejects the Army's assertion that his son went AWOL during the Gulf War.

Through his investigation, the man discovers that not only is his son innocent but he may have been murdered. Patric will play a military investigator working with a homicide detective (played by Theron) investigating the case. Being in this film is a great move for Patric. Oscar-winner Haggis is an extremely talented writer/director and this roll will only enhance Patric's already impressive, if a little uneven, career. Shooting on In the Valley of Elah is expected to begin in December in New Mexico and Morocco.

Did you figure out what movie the quote is from?
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