Early on, I learned that with rites of passage comes horror and mayhem. Jason terrorized summer campers and Carrie got showered in pig's blood.As a teen, Randy's Scary Movie Rules taught me that sex and alcohol would lead to certain death. Yet I never really saw horror movies delve into high school graduation, let alone college. As grads plan to enter their adult life, I wonder what could be more fitting than throwing them into blood-filled turmoil while they're high on feelings of relief. I am, therefore, happy to report that Chris Moore, producer of Project Greenlight and the American Pie movies, will be handing us a serving of graduation mayhem in his directorial debut, Killers.

Taryn Manning, Agnes Bruckner, and Patrick Flueger are set to star as a group of college grads who conveniently decide to celebrate in a remote location. Unfortunately, their festivities turn into a nightmare as they're terrorized by a killer who forces them into a deadly game where they have to kill each other to survive. It sounds like the bases are covered. A cast of attractive young actors has been collected, and they'll be isolated, desperate, and at the whim of a sadistic killer. On paper, it reads like a classic horror film.

What promises to be more interesting, however, is the film's new director. Moore is known for his no-holds-barred criticism of directors on Greenlight.Will he be able to live up to his own standards? Or, will his directorial plans begin and end with Killers?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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