Apparently, there's at least one other film besides Battle in Seattle looking for actors at the moment. Although, with all the recentcastingnews for that film, I'm kinda surprised there are any actors left who are actually looking for work. Luckily for Pulitzer-Prize-winning writer David Auburn, there are still one or two talented thespians left to come aboard his writing/directing debut -- the psychological thriller The Girl in the Park.

According to production weekly, Keri Russell, Alessandro Nivola and Elias Koteas have now been cast in The Girl in the Park -- which tells the story of a woman permanently traumatized by the disappearance of her daughter who then meets a troubled young woman that may or may not be the daughter she thought was long dead. As Matt reported previously, these newest additions to The Girl in the Park cast join Sigourney Weaver and Kate Bosworth who are already attached to the film playing the traumatized woman and the troubled young woman respectively.

First-time helmer Auburn is best known for his play Proof, which won both the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize for drama in 2000. More recently, he adapted his play Proof for the screen and scripted the film The Lake House starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Auburn is obviously a talented writer -- but I gotta be honest and say I wasn't exactly blown away by The Lake House or Proof. That said, both those films were in the hands of other directors, not Auburn. With Auburn in charge of his own material this time, and with the cast he's assembled, perhaps he'll end up with a much better film in the end. Shooting on The Girl in the Park is scheduled to start November 13th in New York.
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