UPDATE: The first video I linked to was taken down at YouTube, so I changed it to this one that Andrew Sullivan had up on his site yesterday. This one is of Sacha Baron Cohen on The Daily Show; hopefully, with YouTube and Comedy Central working out a deal, this one won't get taken down (although CBS is supposed to have a YouTube deal as well, and the other one disappeared, so no promises).

Sacha Baron Cohen may be steadfastly maintaining his Borat persona in promoting his film Borat: Cultural Learnings on America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, but at one time, he hit the talk show circuit as himself. Here's proof: An interview with Cohen -- the real guy -- on The Letterman Show. Cohen talks about his television show Da Ali G Show in the interview. See, this is exactly what Cohen ought to be doing to promote Borat -- going on the talk show circuit as himself, and intelligently explaining his film and the Borat character. Plus, he looks ever so much nicer in that sharp black suit than in the godawful suit Borat wears.

As a side note, there's an interesting email update from Fandango about Borat ticket sales that says Borat ticket sales are smoking everything else on Fandango at the moment, with 73% of Fandango ticket sales as of noon PST today. However, they also did a poll about the film, and 96% of those who planned to see it said they'd be seeing it opening weekend. It's going to be interesting to see if the film opens slowly and grows, or opens modestly and tanks. What about you? Are you planning to get to a theater this weekend to see Borat for yourself? And would you like to see Cohen talk about the film as himself, or does the non-stop Borat-ing work for you?
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