Not being a teenage girl I sometimes get my teenybopper it-girl actresses confused. If memory (and imdb) serves, Amanda Bynes is the one in What a Girl Wants and She's the Man, not the one in Material Girls and the Casper Meets Wendy TV Movie (that's Hilary Duff, btw) or the one in A Walk to Remember and Saved! (Mandy Moore, hello?) or the one in the Freaky Friday remake and Mean Girls (Lindsay Lohan, for those keeping score at home).

Man, even though they're all different people (of course) they do tend to blend together a little -- at least for me (not a teenage girl, remember?). Anyway, this particular post is not about any of those other mean, material or otherwise saved girls. No, this post is about that other girl who apparently knows what she wants -- Amanda Bynes.

According to our friends at production weekly, Bynes was recently attached to star in the upcoming flick Sydney White and the Seven Dorks, scripted by Chad Creasey and directed by Joe Nussbaum. Bynes would play the role of Sydney in the film -- which, believe it or not, is an updated take on the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs fairy tale set among college freshmen in the Greek system. Unpopular Sydney comes to campus and ends up challenging the top sorority hottie, Rachel, for the premiere spot in the Greek-babe pecking order.

Amanda Bynes playing a college-age sorority girl in a movie? Boy, they really grow up so fast, don't they? What's next, Lindsay Lohan pretending to servicesome guy on screen? Oh, wait. No word on additional casting or a start date for this little gem but don't worry girls, I'm sure you won't have to wait too long.

Which of these hot young actresses is your favorite?
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