There's something vaguely schizophrenic about the career arcs of filmmakers Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant. (And by "vaguely" I mean "ridiculously.") On one hand they're the co-creators of stuff like The State and Reno 911!, both of which are certifiably hilarious TV shows. On the other, less enjoyable, hand, these guys wrote not only The Pacifier, but Taxi and Herbie: Fully Loadedas well. (And they also have Let's Go to Prison and Night at the Museum on the way, as well as the Reno 911! movie.)

Mr. Garant makes his directorial debut on a bizarre-looking ping-pong comedy called Balls of Fury, and before you check out the brand-new trailer, give a gander at the blissfully bizarre cast list: Dan Fogler, Maggie Q, George Lopez, Aisha Tyler, James Hong, David Koechner and Christopher Walken, looking as if he just wandered off the set of Dracula: The Spoof.

OK, now you can check the trailer out. I got a few chuckles out of the thing, even if it does feel more like a Netflix rental than an opening night gotta-see.
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