Sometimes celebrity news stories drag on for weeks or even months. Madonna is still fielding criticism for her decision to adopt an African child whose father is still around, Anna Nicole Smith is still in the Bahamas, currently recuperating from pneumonia, and Snoop Dogg did in fact get charged with possessing a deadly weapon. Meanwhile, I am scrabbling around to find stories about Johnny Depp or George Clooney, preferably with lots of flattering photos, but the actors appear to be reclusive this week. (George, what about your promise?) It's an unfair world.

I am consoling myself with this week's gossip, which at least does seem to focus on the naughty, although not with the movie stars I ideally would like to hear make such admissions.
  • More admirable than naughty: Neil Patrick Harris has outed himself and is apparently quite pleased with it. So I guess his, er, chick-obsessed character in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle truly was acting.
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