We get lots and lots of tips every day (and we thank you very much for each and every one). Unfortunately, we can only use so many of them, but this one caught my attention. A group of high schoolers are competing in a 48-hour filmmaking competition called Zoom Fest, and they're live blogging their experience. The kids on this particular team are Max (grade 12), Mike (12), Ben Wright (10), Shyam (10), and Mr. Noodles (10), who submitted the tip. The film topic is "The Road Less Traveled", the prop is a key .The guys came up with one idea, which Noodles mum shut down with "you want to win, don't you?" Well, hey, if your moms can't tell you that your idea sucks, who can?

They boys came up with a second idea they really like, which involved how choices we make affect ourselves and others. And many, many doors. I'm not sure theirs will be the best film submitted, but it's way cool that they're live blogging their experience. Why don't you pop on over there and see how things are going for and them, and show some support for what may be the next generations great directors. Who knows? One of them may be the next Spielberg, Cassavetes, or del Toro (we sincerely hope none of them aspire to be Michael Bay or Uwe Boll), and a down the road a piece, when you're watching a film he made making its debut at Sundance or Toronto, or watching on your TV as he makes an Oscar acceptance speech, you can say to yourself, "Hey! I remember back in 2006 when I followed this guy live blogging making a film with his friends for a contest!"