Zombies have never really done it for me -- it was all that groaning and brain eating I suppose. I have plenty of respect for George Romero and what he did for independent horror but like I said, I just never got it. The zombie flick might have evolved into an artistic action film with 28 Days Later, but a new Spanish film could finally make the zombie movie a class act.

Variety announced that Spanish filmmaker Elio Quiroga's The Cold Hour has been picked up by Lightning Entertainment for international sale. The plot of the film will follow a group of survivors of chemical warfare fighting off the infected masses. Apparently, the focus of the film will be on the drama between the survivors trapped inside during periods of intense cold and not on the usual violence and gore. Quiroga is already hard at work on his next project No-Do, a ghost story centered on a woman who has just lost her child.

The zombie movie had a brief resurgence with Dawn of The Dead (2004) and Land of The Dead but the genre never really managed to lose its B-movie reputation. The genre might not be done yet though; The Cold Hour could be the film that makes audiences take their zombie flicks just a little more seriously.