The wait for a longer morsel of Spiderman goodness is almost over.SuperheroHype has reported that although the trailer is set to be shown with Casino Royale, which will be released on November 17th, we might not have to wait the desperate thirteen days. It might show up on TV first. ...

Where could Spidey slide in on television? If you're like me, Heroes would come to mind. How better to hit the superhero demographic than releasing the trailer while a bunch of superhero fans are watching? Silly me, that would be too rational. The trailer is rumored to come during The Duel.What's that?The umpteenth Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

This is where the warning bells go off. I can't quite wrap my head around why this would happen. It's not like the Grindhouse trailer popping up during the Scream Awards. Are young people anxious to see angst-filled reality show competitors go head-to-head the Spiderman demographic? While it seemed like a valid question as I typed it, Harry Osborn's face just came to mind.

Maybe the bigger news is the possibility of what will come with the Spiderman 3 trailer. Sony Pictures has brought internet trailer viewing up a notch on the film's website. Forget clicking on your connection speed or trailer size.; the Spidey site offers Quicktime, full-screen and high-def. If you don't patronize Casino Royale, or get yourself a little slice of MTV, there just might be a full-screen explosion coming your way in no time.

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