Based on the comment count on my last post about the Black Christmasremake, I'm guessing not many of you actually give a hoot about this yuletide slasher retread. But you should, and here's why: The flick's gonna come under fire for having the audacity to mix bloody slasher mayhem with a traditionally comfy holiday theme. It happened back in 1984 with Silent Night, Deadly Night -- but most of that controversy stemmed from the fact that the marketing materials showed Santa Claus wielding an axe. And as much as I love horror movies ... I can obviously see why parents would be mega-pissed about an axe-wielding Kris Kringle.

But with the "torture porn" uproar in full swing, thanks to the unsurprising financial success of Saw 3, I'm just betting that Black Christmas will earn all sorts of complaints (and free publicity) from parents, clergy, psychotherapists, guidance counselors, concerned babysitters and, of course, Bill O'Reilly. You just watch.

Oh, I almost forgot: Sorry you didn't care much for that skimpy old teaser clip. So here's a brand-new trailer. Black Christmas opens on December 25th.
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