The only reason I'm reporting on news this relatively small is because, well, The Midnight Meat Train is one of my very favorite Clive Barker stories -- and I've been salivating over the prospect of a movie version since it was announced earlier this year. So here's the latest:

A little while back we learned that Patrick Tatopoulous was all set to make his directorial debut on Midnight Train, but after he left the project, the pre-production just sort of stalled for a little while. But now, according to, the producers have found a new helmsman, and his name is ... Ryuhei Kitamura. Yes, the action expert who directed Versus, Alive, Azumi and Sky High.

Apparently the boys heard this info while attending the AFM festivities, so let's see if we get any corroborations any time soon. Fingers crossed, because this story and that director would make for one fascinating mix. A blood-soaked one, too.

For those who might be less than fluent in author Clive Barker's cinematic output, I can tell you that he directed Hellraiser, Nightbreed and Lord of Illusions. He also produced the very fine Candyman and has his name plastered on a whole slew of Hellraiser sequels. His most recent project was the direct-to-video release The Plague, which was half-solid and half-tiresome.
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