Italian director Ruggero Deodato has told Bloody Disgusting that he plans to make a sequel to his notorious 1980 gross-out flick Cannibal Holocaust. The director dropped this bombshell while in Prague shooting his cameo for Eli Roth's Hostel: Part II. It seems Deodato had shelved the idea for a follow-up film, thinking this type of movie to be too intense for American audiences. The success of Hostel and encouragement from Roth, however, have convinced Deodato to go ahead with writing and directing the picture. Deodato was not forthcoming with details about the sequel. "[I have] something in my mind... something written... [but] for now, silence," he continues, "I talked with Eli and Eli said 'Yes, I like' ."

In the original film, an NYU anthropologist travels into the wilds of South America in search of a film crew that had disappeared in the region while shooting a documentary on the local cannibal tribes. He recovers the footage that shows the details of the filmmakers' gruesome demises (holy Blair Witch Project, Batman!). The film is known for its brutal depictions of torture and murder, not unlike modern films like Hostel and the Sawseries, though Cannibal Holocaust took things even further by showing the actual deaths of several animals. Deodato was arrested after the film's release because authorities, thinking some of the human actors had been killed as well, believedthe movieto be a snuff film.

Cannibal Holocaust is the grandaddy of the Italian cannibal flick phenomenon of the 70s and 80s, which included the likes of Cannibal Ferox (A.K.A. Make Them Die Slowly), Slave of the Cannibal God and Mangiati Vivi(a film that gets my "Truth in Advertising Award" for its alternate title, Eaten Alive By the Cannibals).

Bon appetit!
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