When we first reported the news of a biopic about Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali, it was Simon West who was supposedly going to be sitting in the director's chair . Fortunately, it seems West has moved on and a director with far more talent and vision has stepped in to tell the story. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew Niccol, writer/director of Gattica and Lord of War, is attached to helm Dali & I: The Surreal Story for Room 9 Entertainment and producers David O. Sacks, Daniel Brunt and Michael R. Newman.

The film, based on the book Dali and I by Stan Lauyssens, is being adapted by John Salvati (with Niccol doing a re-write himself) and will focus on Dali's later life from the 1960s to the 1980s. During this time, Dali achieved a great deal of commercial success but his painting output declined as his focus turned more towards money and flamboyant behavior. The story will be told through the eyes of Lauyssens, a young art dealer, who knew the artist during that time and became his close friend.

To be honest, I can't think of a director more suited to tell this story than Andrew Niccol. With him in the director's chair, I feel this film is in good hands. Of course, the other very important element that can make-or-break this film is who will be playing the role of Salvador Dali. At the moment, there's no word from producers or the director on potential casting. However, that won't stop me from making a few suggestions (as I often do).

For me, one potential Dali is the terrific Joaquim de Almeida who has distinguished himself in films such as Clear and Present Danger and the underrated Thanks to Gravity. Another potential Dali is Javier Bardem who has had an impressive career thus far in films like The Dancer Upstairs and Collateral. Finally, no list for this role would be complete without the exceptional Benicio Del Toro -- who would actually be my first choice. Del Toro would do a fantastic job and if you put him and Niccol together, this film has a real chance. That's the movie I would like to see. Andrew, I know we haven't spoken in awhile but are you listening?

What do you think of my casting choices?

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