Because I watch The O.C. on Fox (Yes, it's true. Do your worst) I do know who one of the teen female stars of that show is -- Mischa Barton (super-cute Rachel Bilson is the other one, btw). Now that Barton's character on The O.C., high school senior Marissa Cooper, died at the end of last season and Barton has left the show, she is setting her sights on Hollywood and will attempt to make the transition away from her recent career as a teen TV actress.

Previously, Barton appeared in film such as Pups, Notting Hill, and Tartbut always played a teenager (or younger) because, well, she was a teenager. Now that she's grown up quite a bit, she's beginning her transition by taking on more mature roles in upcoming film such as Virgin Territory with Hayden Christensen and Closing the Ring directed by Sir Richard Attenborough -- the Oscar winning director of Ghandi. And now, according to production weekly, she has added yet another role to her slate of upcoming "mature" projects -- director Simon Fellows'Malice in Sunderland.

Barton will star in the film, a modern take on Alice in Wonderland written by Jayson Rothwell, as Alice, an American student in London who, when she is accidentally hit by a taxi, finds herself in the strange world of Sunderland. In order for her to find her way home, Alice is forced to navigate a strange and fantastic world of quirky characters and precarious situations. I have to admit a certain fondness for Mischa Barton having seen her performance in the film Pups many years ago. That movie wasn't great, but she was great in it and showed a maturity and talent I haven't really seen her show very much since that film.

On The O.C. Barton didn't really have the best material to work with and let's face it, the show, while funny and often pretty good, is no Ghandi. Perhaps with her latest choice of roles, material and directors, she can really become the actress and star she has the potential to be. Shooting on Malice in Sunderland is expected to start early next year in the United Kingdom.

Am I wrong, or does does Mischa Barton have something?
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