If I asked you to describe what you'd think it would be like being an actor for a largely CGI flick based around an old 80's cartoon, I bet your first thoughts would not be "it would be like war." As it turns out, however, you would be entirely incorrect. Shia LaBeouf (who falls only one short of having every single vowel in his last name, thus making it impossible for me to spell correctly without failing on at least three tries first) recently finished filming for Michael Bay's modern adaptation of Transformers, and described the process to Rotten Tomatoes with those very words, saying "It was like war, I've never been in that much pain in my life, emotionally, physically. It was just a hard movie to make." While I imagine those of you who have actually been in real war would probably strongly refute this statement, I think we all get the general idea of what LaBeouf meant -- this was one tough bugger to shoot. I hope all the effort pays off, because I want a good Transformers flick. Swing on over to Rotten Tomatoes for the rest of their brief chat with Labeouf.
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