Movie remakes can be risky business. There seems to be three main motivations: put it in English so North America doesn't have to read subtitles, use new technology for flashier effects, and re-introduce old films to newer, younger audiences. It seems that the films that do best are those that are so out of public consciousness, no one really compares it to the original, or at least, not the mainstream movie-going public. The easier it is to compare the two, the greater the chance for disappointment. We're not talking about improving on crappy movies, but new versions of the well-loved.

And sometimes, there is re-make movie news so amusing, that it is too good to be true. Moviehole has reported that Dirty Dancing might be re-made. (You know you're getting older when the films of your youth are sliding into the re-make pool.) It seems to be an interesting choice. It hasn't faded deep into the recesses of the mind, and the sequel wasn't a beloved hit.

But, even better: Mario Lopez is rumored to be at the top of the list to take over the reigns as Johnny Castle! The guy has slid himself into the pool of out-of-work actors so desperate to get back to work that they'll do anything – live together, sing, dance, and even eat grubs. He can dance, but can he really do justice to Patrick Swayze's dirty dancing?

Will Mario dance, or will he be kept in the corner?

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