With all the buzz around Borat: Cultural Learnings on America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan this weekend, you just knew the Monday Morning Poll was going to be about Sacha Baron Cohen's controversial film. In case you haven't been keeping track, so far Borat has:

In spite of all this controversy, some dissent over whether Borat is even funny, or just offensive, the subsequent hand-wringing over whether Cohen should promote the film out of character, and wailing and gnashing of teeth over whether Fox made a giant mistake or canny maneuver in cutting back the film's opening to 837 screens, Borat opened strongly with over $26 million. A Fandango poll revealed that 43% of users polled there said they were influenced in their decision to see the film by the publicity around the Kazakhstani government protesting the film.

So the Monday Morning Poll to you, Cinematical readers, is this: If you saw Borat this weekend, were you more inclined to see it because of all the controversy around the film? Or were you already a Sacha Baron Cohen fan who would have seen it anyhow? And, by the by .... did you love it or hate it?