Whatever your feelings about the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the Marvel comic book Ghost Rider, you now have another reason to either smile or cringe (or both) because Sony has released a new poster for the film -- this time featuring Nicholas Cage and his co-star Eva Mendes. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Eva Mendes is super-hot and is one of, if not the only, reason I am even remotely interested in seeing Ghost Rider -- other than morbid curiosity.

In truth, I kinda feel sorry for her. I guess being stunningly beautiful doesn't help you very much when it comes to picking acting roles. After all, she was in Urban Legends: Final Cut, 2 Fast, 2 Furiousand Stuck on You. Not really the kind of films you want to highlight on your acting reel. Sadly, I don't have much hope that Ghost Rider will do anything to help her choose, or get, better parts -- which is to bad because she's really great looking and great looking people shouldn't have to suffer this much.

For those of you who still care, Ghost Rider opens February 16, 2007. February, you hear that? You just know it has to be good to get that prime release date.

[Via comic book movie]
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