I would never have believed the zombie film genre to have this kind of longevity. I mean, there have been some great ones and there have been some awful ones, but when you get right down to it, how many different stories can this limited concept support? Obviously there's room for at least one more, as Resident Evil: Extinction, the third installment of the film franchise based on the series of video games,has completed shooting and should hit theaters in less than a year. As established in the first film, a virus created by the villanous Umbrella Corporation has been released on the world, making the dead walk and attack the living.

As Cinematical's own Mark Beall reported back in May, Ali Larter will play a character from the second game in the series. Larter recently had this to say to Sci Fi Wire: "Alice [Milla Jovovich] comes back, and I play Claire Redfield, who's the head of this convoy that's traveling through the Nevada desert, pretty much after an apocalypse," Larter said. "We're just trying to survive [the latest encounter with mutant zombies]. It's survival of the fittest at this point, and it ends up being about who's actually going to be able to make it during this very difficult time on Earth. It gets pretty bloody." Larter also stated that she got a kick out of all the action, despite temperatures on location in Mexico reaching as high as 125 degrees. "It was brutally hot. But it's fun to play these kinds of characters. I was able to run away, shoot some guns and have a great time with the other actors," she said.

I can certainly see Larter pulling off this roll as a butt-kicker. She played a no-nonsense cat burglar in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and she stared down death itself in Final Destination and Final Destination 2. Currently she's starring in the hit NBC series Heroes as a single mom with a superhuman split personality.

Resident Evil: Extinction is due in September of 2007.
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